Request to Transfer Anser’s Charter Petition to the Idaho Public Charter School Commission Unanimously Approved

Anser’s Request to Transfer our Charter Petition to the Idaho Public Charter School Commission was unanimously approved on Thursday February 13th, 2020.

Anser Board President Nichoel Baird Spencer said, “We thank Boise School District for being our original authorizers, and for our positive relationship for 20 years. We appreciated their support as we grew to be a mature organization. Now, as a well-established organization, with strong governance, school leaders and teaching staff who have years of experience in supporting excellent academic outcomes for our students, we look forward to working with the Public Charter School Commission to advance Anser’s mission and vision into the future.”  School leaders Michelle Dunstan and Heather Dennis expressed their gratitude to the commission staff for their support in completing the transfer application process. They also shared their excitement about Anser’s planned expansion, the addition of bus transportation and full day kindergarten in support of their efforts to reach more underserved families. “We have 20 years of experience, a dedicated parent community, amazing students and a foundation of shared leadership.” said Education Director Michelle Dunstan. “And now we can focus on the exciting opportunities we are working on to grow our Anser community.”