Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Contact Us:
202 E. 42nd St
Garden City ID
Office: 208.426.9840
Fax: 208.426.9863
Map to Anser

School hours:
Elementary – 8:10am-3:10pm
Junior High – 7:55am-2:55pm
School Calendar

School Info:

  • K-8 EL Education School
  • 375 students
  • Class size: K & 1st = 18, 2nd-3rd = 24, 4th-5th & 6th = 25, 7th-8th = 26-28
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Program
  • Art, STEM, Service and Adventure opportunities
  • Located two blocks from the Boys and Girls Club for afterschool programs
  • Currently no transportation, but a strong carpool community among parents
  • Limited area busing planned for 2020-2021 school year

How to Enroll
Please see the Admissions Page for details on how to enroll your student.

Learn more on our Enrollment Tours page of the website.