Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Contact Us:
202 E. 42nd St
Garden City ID
Office: 208.426.9840
Fax: 208.426.9863
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School hours:
Elementary – 8:15am-3:15pm
Junior High- 7:55am-2:55pm
School Calendar

School Info:

  • K-8 EL Education School
  • 375 students
  • Class size: K & 1st = 18, 2nd-3rd = 24, 4th-5th & 6th = 25, 7th-8th = 26-28
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Program
  • Art, STEM, Service and Adventure opportunities
  • Located two blocks from the Boys and Girls Club for afterschool programs
  • Currently no transportation, but a strong carpool community among parents

How to Enroll
Please see the Admissions Page for details on how to enroll your student.

Learn more on our Enrollment Tours page of the website.