Special Education

Anser Charter School is a public school.  Two certified special education instructors plus one certified Reading Interventionist are employed by Anser, as well as several full and part-time paraprofessionals and they make up the Exceptional Child Services (ECS) team at Anser.  All students’ needs must be addressed under the same guidelines and laws as any public school.  Anser Charter School will follow the requirements of  IDEA,  the state of  Idaho,  and all other federal and state mandates regarding students with special needs.  Anser Charter School Board of  Directors has adopted the 2018  Idaho  Special  Education Manual,  with all subsequent revisions,  to be used to implement appropriate special education policies and procedures.  All children will receive appropriate services as outlined in the Individuals with  Disabilities  Education Improvement Act,  Section 504,  and the  Idaho Special Education Manual.   The Idaho Special Education Manual will be used for identifying and evaluating students for services.  It will also be used to develop programming, Individual  Education  Plans  (IEP), and services that will meet the needs of students.  Finally, the Idaho Special Education Manual will inform the development of the Anser Charter School discipline policy and budget, and the coordination of transportation for special needs students,  as necessary.  Any evaluations or services offered to students must have parental consent.  Anser Charter School will offer onsite related services, such as speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy for those who qualify.