Our Office Operating Hours

During School Year
8am - 4pm

June and August
limited hours

2 weeks before and after school year

If you need to call regarding attendance, or early pick up please call at 208-426-9840 or email attendance@ansercharterschool.org

Anser Charter School students, employees, applicants, parents and guardians will not be discriminated against on the basis of sex. To view the entire discrimination policy, click here. Please email Siler McCraw if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Title IX policy or to file a report. Reports can filed during anytime of day regardless of Anser’s scheduled business hours using the coordinators phone number or email.

Anser Charter School Title IX Coordinator:

Siler McCraw



For more information regarding the trainings for the Title IX Coordinate and staff, click here.

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Key Contacts

Executive Director
Heather Dennis
Education Director
Destin Tonkin
Tracy Quissell
Community Engagement Coordinator
Amanda Neill