Junior High

Junior High Expedition

Story Human Home Expedition
Junior High students engage in a yearlong expedition around the theme Story Human Home. Through exploring ideas related to this theme in each of the content areas, students develop a deep understanding of what their story is, others’ stories, what connects us as humans, and where and how we find home. In past years, Science students have explored scientist biographies and what makes us human through DNA and the mapping of our own human histories. In Spanish, students have explored ways to tell their own stories and stories of other through our basic language skills. They also explore what “home” means in cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. In Social Studies, students have explored these topics through the lens of African history, from the African Apartheid to experiences African refugees face in Boise. In Language Arts, they have looked at other stories to write their own Home story and explored the ways we connect through and the boundaries we put up for home via immigrant and refugee experiences. Application of math skills in the arena of data analysis and data representation supports the understanding of these themes through a quantitative lens. These intertwining areas of study create the critical thinking skills and broader perspective that a junior high student needs to be successful. This curriculum is enhanced by the use of expert speakers, field work, labs, and real products to engage learning. Past products have included poetry books, DNA extraction mobiles, the Genographic Project, and self-written and performed plays.