Why work at Anser?

Anser was founded by teachers and has a Board of Directors dedicated to honoring the craft of teaching. Collaborative planning time, individual planning time and extensive professional development opportunities are embedded into the school calendar. Here are some great perks for Anser teachers:

  • Tuition assistance for college courses that move teachers on the salary schedule
  • 14 days of Planning and Professional Development per year
  • Teacher developed Professional Development plan
  • 2.5 hours of collaborative planning time weekly
  • Rich opportunities for PD through the EL Education network
  • A strong, supportive parent community – 85% of families volunteer!
  • Opportunities for professional growth through teacher directed PD
  • A culture of quality, collaboration and commitment among all staff.

Interested in a career at Anser?

Current Openings including Certified Teaching Positions:

Finance and Administration Director

Substitute Teachers

To apply for the Substitute Teacher pool, please submit an application via the Idaho Charter Substitute Consortium.


The positions below are hired each August:

School Support Staff Positions

Para Professionals

Careers at Anser

From the beginning, Anser has been committed to hiring highly qualified instructional and administrative staff, who are extremely patient, hardworking, and committed to our students and families. Without these dedicated individuals we would not have the education program we desire for our students. Each year, they prove over and over again their commitment to our students, families and their own professional learning.

For further questions or inquiries, please contact us.