EL Education

EL Education

EL EducationAnser Charter School is part of a national network of schools known as EL Education. We partner with school districts across the country to support the EL framework for engaged teaching and learning.

We invest in the growth of teachers, helping them transform their classrooms into rigorous and stimulating learning environments. Our model challenges students to think critically and take active roles in their classrooms and communities, resulting in higher achievement and greater engagement at school.

Anser is an EL Education Credentialed School

In order to become credentialed, a school must show high levels of implementation of the EL Education model in the following areas:

  • Student Mastery of Knowledge and Skills as measured by student performance on state assessments.
  • High Quality Student Work as measured by evidence drawn from anannual Quality Work Protocol focused on attributes of complexity, craftsmanship and authenticity.
  • Student Character as measured by evidence of student data showing growth over time in essential character habits such as collaboration, effort and responsibility.
  • Implementation of Expeditionary Learning as measured by the annual Implementation Review.
  • Active instructional practices that build academic skills and student motivation
  • Rigorous projects that meet state standards and are connected to real-world needs
  • School cultures of kindness, respect and responsibility for learning
  • Shared leadership for school improvement
  • School-wide commitment to improved teaching and leadership practice
  • Learning through inquiry and engagement
  • Hands-on, collaborative classrooms
  • Flexibility to lead and engage students
  • A curriculum tailored to accentuate a child’s strengths
  • A focus on the process of learning as a student finds the solution