6th Grade

6th Grade Expedition

Over the course of the year students will focus on the power of voice and how best to give back to the communities of which they are a part. Topics will include civic ideals, the influence of one’s choices, how cultures are sustained, and how individuals and nations create change inside and outside of a government system. We will kick-off our year analyzing the cultural and political development of our nation during the Civil Rights movement, specifically the role of children as agents of change. This case study will become the foundation of their Sixth Grade Year of Service. This is a program that requires all students to conduct needs-based research, contact local agencies, develop an individual action plan, create a mission statement and then follow through with the execution of a individualized and unique service project.

Human Body
Using infectious diseases as a lens into our human body, the students will explore the different body systems. We will examine the big scientific ideas of structures and systems and the relationship between form and function. The students will read fictional books connected to infectious diseases as well as several informational articles. After learning about the different systems, the students will use this knowledge as we move into the health component of the expedition. The second phase of the expedition is about making healthy choices regarding topics such as tobacco and alcohol use and nutrition. We will explore current health related topics as a way for students to evaluate opinions and decisions.

Culture Sustainability
Stepping back in time, students consider how the five themes of geography shaped the culture and fate of the indigenous–and modern–Maya people. Focusing on the importance of weaving in the religion, art, clothing, and social roles of the Maya, students also trace the changes that Western exploration and conquest brought to their way of life. One specific point of study is the development of our current day understanding of the astrological system. We look at how the ancient Maya used the universal patterns in a very advanced way to predict monthly and yearly calendars. By the end of the expedition, students are able to make connections between the Mayan experience and other modern and ancient civilizations.