Admissions – Enrollment Information

The 2018-2019 Lottery was completed on February 15th. The list is linked below. This list is a list of all applicants to the lottery. It is not a list of enrolled students. If there is an opening for your child, you will be called or emailed. Please wait until after March 1st to call Anser to see where your child is on the waiting list after all offers have been made. Click here for the 2018-2019 Anser Lottery List.

Anser is a public charter school open to any student regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, social or economic status and/or special needs. Each year Anser has a limited number of openings for new students. We hold an annual lottery where names are randomly drawn, then placed in order on a waiting list. Anser’s annual lottery is held on the third Thursday of February at 1:00pm and is for students entering kindergarten through 8th grade. Applications for the lottery will be accepted from January 1st of each year until 48 hours prior to the lottery. If you are applying after the lottery has been completed or cannot submit your application online, please use the printable lottery applications. Please click here for a printable lottery application. We strongly encourage you to complete the application online. Online applications submitted will receive a confirmation. Other applications will not. Offers of enrollment for the next school year will be made following the lottery.

Admissions – Lottery Process in English

All potential students wishing to enroll in Anser Charter School must complete a lottery application. Applications can be completed using the online application form. Applications can also be mailed to the address provided on the application or faxed to the school. Applications must be received by Anser Charter School on or before 1:00pm on the Tuesday before the lottery date. The lottery is held the third Thursday in February. Applications received after the deadline will be added to the bottom of the final selection list for the appropriate grade.

If the capacity of the school is insufficient to enroll all prospective students, a lottery shall be utilized to determine which prospective students will be admitted to Anser. Anser Charter School will follow Idaho Code Section 33-502 (j). Prospective students will be placed in priority groups as follows:

  • First Priority – The first priority group of Anser Charter School will include the children of full-time employees, children of the Founders (provided that this admission preference shall be limited to not more than ten percent (10%) of the capacity of Anser Charter School
  • Second Priority – The second priority group is siblings of pupils already enrolled or selected by the lottery
  • Third Priority – The third priority group is students who reside within the Boise School District
  • Fourth Priority – The fourth priority group includes students who reside outside of the Boise School District

Offers of enrollment may be made via e-mail, telephone or residential mail. Acceptance must be made within 48 hours of when the offer is made. If no response is received within 48 hours, the child’s name will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list. This timeline may be shortened to 24 hours between August 15 and September 15.

La Entrada – Solicitud de Lotería en Español

Todos los estudiantes potenciales que deseen inscribirse en la escuela chárter de Anser deben completar una solicitud de lotería. Aplicaciones pueden cumplimentarse el formulario de solicitud en línea. Aplicaciones también pueden ser enviadas a la dirección en la solicitud o por fax a la escuela. Las solicitudes deben ser recibidas por la escuela autónoma Anser en o antes de 48 horas antes del tercer jueves del mes de febrero, 1:00 pm. El sorteo se celebra el tercer jueves de febrero. Solicitudes recibidas después de la fecha límite se añadirá a la parte inferior de la lista de selección final para el grado correspondiente.

Si no es suficiente para inscribir a los postulantes la capacidad de la escuela, se utilizarán una lotería para determinar qué postulantes serán admitidos a Anser. La escuela chárter de Anser seguirá Idaho código sección 33-502 (j). Los estudiantes se colocarán en grupos prioritarios como sigue:

  • Primera Prioridad – El primer grupo de prioridad de la escuela Charter de Anser incluye los hijos de empleados de tiempo completo, los hijos de los fundadores (siempre que esta preferencia de admisión se limitará a no más del diez por ciento (10%) de la capacidad de la escuela Charter de Anser
  • Segunda Prioridady – El segundo grupo de prioridad es hermanos de alumnos ya matriculados o seleccionada por la lotería de
  • Tercera Prioridad – El tercer grupo de prioridad es de los estudiantes que residen en el distrito escolar de Boise
  • Cuarta Prioridad – La cuarta prioridad Grupo incluye a los estudiantes que residen fuera del distrito escolar de Boise

Ofertas de inscripción pueden hacerse vía e-mail, teléfono o correo electrónico residencial. Aceptación debe hacerse dentro de 48 horas cuando se hace la oferta o de la fecha.  Si se recibe ninguna respuesta dentro de 48 horas, el nombre del niño se moverá a la parte inferior de la lista de espera. Esta línea de tiempo puede reducirse a 24 horas entre el 15 de agosto y el 15 de septiembre.