2nd-3rd Grade

2nd-3rd Grade Science Expeditions

In our Pollination Expedition students discover the connection between butterflies and flowers. They begin by observing and learning the life cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly. They each have their own specimen to observe and record their observations in Science Journals. In addition to gaining information through observation, students also take notes about butterflies from non-fiction texts. These notes are then turned into books independently written and illustrated by each student.

During the second case study, the crews discover all the parts of a flower. Students dissect flowers to identify the different parts, as well as raise Brassica plants to observe the life cycle. As a final product, students create a scientific drawing of a flower with all the parts labeled. The service portion of this expedition will find crews out in Anser’s Butterfly Garden, tending it and making improvements.

What happens when the city meets wilderness? That’s what students aim to find out as they explore the Boise Foothills. The first case study finds them studying what animals make the foothills home and the impact these animals have on their environment. Through reading non-fiction texts and visiting the foothills to look for traces of these animals, the students gather information that they later use in the creation of an informational poster.

The second case study asks: What are the connections between the weather and human impact on the Boise Foothills? Students learn specifically how rain and temperature affect the soil. They learn firsthand about trail repair and how to help lessen the damage caused by erosion. Working with Radio Boise, students create PSA’s to advocate for responsible trail use to help sustain the trail system and natural environment. Throughout these two case studies, students visit their “Observation Spots” in the foothills four times on fieldwork. Observations of impact and changes in their spots are recorded on-site in field journals. Spending ten quiet minutes of observation goes a long way in helping the students find out what does happen when the city meets wilderness.

2nd-3rd Grade Social Studies Expedition

Boise History!
The 2nd-3rd graders will study Boise History during both years. One year will focus on the development of Boise during its early years as a city. Another year will focus on the Chinese culture and its influence on Boise.