Admissions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Offers of enrollment will be made via email and text after the lottery has been completed.  This will be visible through the account you created to apply to the lottery. It typically takes at least two weeks to make all enrollment offers. If parents cannot be reached by phone we will attempt to reach you by email. Openings that become available after the lottery has been performed are offered in the same manner throughout the year.

Once an offer of enrollment has been made parents will be given a time frame within which to respond to the offer. If the offer is accepted, parents will be sent enrollment paperwork. Completion and return of the enrollment paperwork is needed to hold the enrollment spot.

If there is an opening mid- year the first student on the waiting list for the grade in which the opening occurred will be offered the open spot.

Yes. When applications are received after the lottery deadline, the student will be placed at the bottom of the grade level list for which they qualify.

Yes. Idaho Statute requires that the waiting list for all charter schools be re-drawn annually. This means that if your student did not gain enrollment in the prior year, but was on the waiting list, you will still need to re-apply each year until they are enrolled. Once a child is enrolled, they are guaranteed re-enrollment each year as long as they complete a re-enrollment form.