1st Grade

1st Grade Expedition

Community Expedition
Engaged in the learning process, students explore what communities need to thrive. The expedition incorporates four distinct case studies: Community Helpers, Mapping, Zoning, and Box City. Through fieldwork and the feedback from experts, students apply their learning and work through the revision process to collaboratively build a miniature metropolis with green space, transportation, housing, economic development, educational institutions, government, healthcare and more. Communication, cooperation and creativity all are encouraged as students create a thriving community together.

Let’s Dig In!
ANSER first graders become scientists as we study life cycles with a focus on plants and earthworms. Through careful observation combined with many fieldwork opportunities and hands-on projects, students explore what it means to be alive. Working with community experts and Junior High helpers, we create and maintain water-wise gardens outside our portable to beautify our outdoor learning space.