Anser Expansion

Anser Charter School celebrated its 20th anniversary in the 2018-2019 school year and  the Anser Board and Staff set their sights on Anser’s future and a plan to expand. This is expansion is born out of a  continued commitment to meet Anser’s mission of educating the whole child in a collaborative learning community. As shifts in our culture have happened over the past 10 years we share a  future where our students will grapple with the issues of their time, such as the explosive growth of information and technology, the elimination of many jobs and the creation of new ones, climate change, growing income inequality, and the impacts of technology on the way we interact with each other and as a society. All of these shifts confirm that our students will need the critical thinking skills, creativity, emotional intelligence, and character that Anser’s mission has always been  committed to empowering in our students.

As leaders in education in Idaho, Anser is being responsive to these shifts and how they affect the education experience our students need. These shifts demand more than offering STEM education or having short lived campaigns that celebrate character. These shifts require deep and systemic changes in how education is provided in our country. By digging deeper into our EL Education roots, Anser is making these systemic shifts to ensure that students have agency, that we build a community based upon equity, that our students have an understanding of the world, other cultures and their place within the environment, and that they are challenged to become their best selves through opportunities for adventure and a commitment to consequential service to others.

As we move through our planning years (2019-2022), we will post information related to our expansion here. We plan to open our doors to our expanded community in Fall 2022. Please note that some documents below refer to completion earlier than Fall 2022, but the impact of Covid-19 has necessitated a change to this timeline.

Transportation RFP and Bid Documents

Letters from the Board and Co-Directors

News & Updates

Anser Charter School Awarded $800,000 for Expansion

$800,000 FEDERAL GRANT AWARDED TO ANSER CHARTER SCHOOL Garden City, ID – (April 14, 2020)  Anser Charter School was one of two public charter schools chosen to receive part of $1.6 million in grant funding from the Federal Charter School Program. A panel of third-party reviewers evaluated applications and awarded a grant of $800,000 to […]

Request to Transfer Anser’s Charter Petition to the Idaho Public Charter School Commission Unanimously Approved

Anser’s Request to Transfer our Charter Petition to the Idaho Public Charter School Commission was unanimously approved on Thursday February 13th, 2020. Anser Board President Nichoel Baird Spencer said, “We thank Boise School District for being our original authorizers, and for our positive relationship for 20 years. We appreciated their support as we grew to […]