Comments from Anser Alumni

Anser has an accepting community; a curriculum that will stretch your thinking, and in turn, prepare you for high-school, and eventually college; dedicated teachers; and my highest regards. I am so grateful to have been able to spend six years of my education there, and wish I had been allowed more time. I love the teachers, I love the programs offered, and I love my Anser family.

– Aliya

The best part by far, is the supportive mindset. It’s positive and based on improvement, no matter where you are you can improve.

– Will

I actually felt accepted for the first time in a long time.

– Max

Academically, at Anser, I was pushed to do my best because the teachers knew the full extent of my capabilities…Anser pushed me to really think.

– Georgia

When I moved to this school my life was changed.

– Carter

Anser has made me reflect on everything I do. I would not be where I am today if Anser had not taught me how to reflect.-now everything I do, I do with purpose and thinking, and Anser has helped me do that.

– William

Anser opened me up to many opportunities, it gave me a work ethic, it pushed my to do my best and most of all it taught me how to love to learn.

– Savannah

Anser is a place where everyone is welcomed to discover themselves. Anser kids are identified as hardworking students all around schools in Idaho, so who wouldn’t want to be a part of Anser family? The Teachers are amazing.

– Gilene

Anser is a very special place that sets young people onto the right path. Our youth is our future, and Anser helps ensure that our future will lead us to success.

– Naomi

I learned how to achieve school. First, you won’t achieve anything if you don’t try. Second, you are responsible for your education but people along the way are there to help, accept the help. Third, the more practice the better you will become. Most importantly with the help of my teachers and parents I learned study and homework patterns that will help me throughout my entire life.

– Delaney

I valued the many opportunities for community service, the cohesive community of all Anser grade levels, and the personalized and individualized attention from teachers.

– Zach

Comments from Alumni Parents

I value Anser’s community in that it is not only a safety net for the student but also for his or her family.

– Kathleen

The “big-picture” view the parents, faculty, and staff have. Being a part of Anser is not just about my student, my class, or my school. It is about our community, our city, our world.

– Jim

Anser works hard to truly foster a community–among students of different grade levels, teachers, parents and the community at large. Their emphasis on community, character traits AND academic achievement leads to well-rounded kids who care.

– Christina

Anser takes into account the whole of the individual. Encouraging physical health, respectful and compassionate behaviors as well as intellectual curiosity. It takes learning to a whole new level by making it very alive in and out of the classroom.

– Scott

The diversity in the learning experience is what I feel is so valuable at Anser. The students spend time in the classroom, out in the community and outdoors- this enhances and enriches the learning process in so many ways. In addition to the talented and committed staff at Anser, the parents at Anser provide a whole other dimension to the educational experience in their willingness to get involved and share their expertise with students.

– Shannon

My children not only learned the basics of a good education, they learned to speak in front of large groups, empathize with those of differing abilities and that they should care about their community.

– Jim

I value the ever lasting friendships that were made with their peers and families, what a beautiful community Anser has given us.

– Jodi

My children easily transitioned into high school after graduating from Anser. Both entered high school ready to learn and ready to be a part of the challenges that this level presents. They were immediately recognized by both their peers and the faculty as individuals exhibiting integrity, compassion, courage, responsibility, discipline and respect; every one of the character traits imbedded in the curriculum at Anser.

– Jennifer

When our daughter was in preschool she was a shy little girl but clearly had a mind of her own. We knew we wanted her to be given the chance to find and develop her own individual character and not be held back by limited education models. With Anser’s adaptive and supportive education style, she has blossomed into her own wonderful self AND she has learned how to be a valuable part of the larger community.

– Meg

If you want your child to be surrounded by caring people, challenged to dig deeply in their learning and develop as a whole person, Anser is the place!

– Christina

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