Anser receives an All Day Kindergarten Grant

Anser is one of the 17 schools that will receive funding from the JA and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation for a three year pilot program to assess the impact of full day kindergarten on academic outcomes. We are in the preliminary stages of planning this opportunity  in the play based, developmental approach that is true to Anser’s mission. We are thrilled that the barrier of a fee based approach to full day kindergarten will be removed, allowing more families to consider Anser a viable choice for their family. Our kindergarten teachers are excited about this opportunity too. They had this to say, “Using the Idaho State Standards to guide us, we teach intentionally and thoughtfully. This is done through free playtime and play-based opportunities for children to experiment and be creative with skills. There is time for children to choose what they will work on along with a balance of adult guided direct-instruction activities that are engaging to them and adaptable to their varying readiness.”

“Kindergarten children need extra time to process in most areas of learning. At times a child might just begin an activity when it is time to clean up. Extending our half-day to a full day of kindergarten will provide so many benefits. The time added to our day will give each child more opportunity to experience the arts that are at times, cut short due to other curriculum expectations needing to be taught. Enriching art opportunities are another way children are able to learn and experience their world and express emotion. There will be far fewer limitations to our fieldwork travel and time spent on location with all day kindergarten. Additionally, teachers and students will be able to more deeply explore academic areas of literacy, mathematics and expedition, while providing important free play time for the children. “

More information will be available as we finalize the details of full day kindergarten for the 2020-2021 school year.