Lunch and Breakfast – Anser Meal Service

Lunch and Breakfast Program at Anser

For this school year, ALL meals served to Anser students will be free of charge.

What is included?  Every breakfast and/or lunch served at school or picked up on behalf of a student enrolled at Anser.

What’s not included?  A la Carte items such as single milk or additional peanut butter sandwiches.

All families are immediately eligible for free meals, regardless of income. Please continue to use the meal order form and get your orders in as early as possible so the kitchen crew can have enough meals prepared. The new menus and are posted below.

If you think your family may be income eligible, please fill out the application anyway so that your family will already be prepared after winter break when this funding is runs out. Having accurate income data for our families also helps Anser receive grants and additional funding for academics.

If you have any questions please contact Danielle at


Anser is proud to be a part of the National School Lunch Program. Each day breakfast and lunches are prepared in house, with high quality ingredients and served to our students. Anser offers a “Healthy Choice Bar” with fresh vegetable and fruit choices each day. There are no trans fats, high fructose corn syrup or pork products on Anser’s menu. The nutritional value of Anser’s lunch offerings was recently commended by the National School Lunch Program as being among the .5% of schools currently meeting the 2020 nutritional standards. We take pride in offering healthy, delicious meals to our students each day.


For assistance, or if you prefer to fill out these forms on paper, please contact: