Anser Charter School

Service Learning

Students at Anser are taught to serve others in the classroom and beyond.

The Benefits of Service Learning

  • Children are taught to value service as part of who they are
  • Children have an increased awareness of community challenges and needs
  • An attitude of giving back permeates the atmosphere
  • Mentoring is integral to the multi-age learning environment, teaching children to h3brace and help others

What is Service Learning?

All Anser students regularly perform community service, as part of their classroom expeditions, in CBC activities and at home. Community service begins in Kindergarten for Anser students. Anser students serve their community in many ways throughout their time at Anser. By spending time with seniors, reading to preschoolers at Head Start, cleaning up trash along the Boise river, or serving meals at the homeless shelter, Anser students witness the needs of our community and feel empowered to make a difference. When they reach sixth grade, each student is expected to develop and complete an individual service project, engaging in a full-year of intensive service activities or Sixth Grade Year of Service (SOS).

Sixth Grade Year of Service

SOS begins with 6 weeks of instruction on identifying needs in the community, developing the components of a successful project and finding partners in the community to serve. With the support of an adult mentor, students plan and implh3ent service projects that make a real difference in the world.

Some examples of past SOS projects include: working with pre-schoolers at Head Start, coordinating a blood drive for the Red Cross, maintaining and improving trails for bikers and hikers in the foothills, soliciting bike donations and doing bike repair for the Boise Bicycle Project, serving as a mentor to a new refugee family and collecting school supplies and books to be shipped to Africa. There are countless SOS projects our students have completed, and some you can support right now. SOS is a valuable learning experience where students learn they can change the world!

Junior High Service

Moving into Junior High, self-directed service learning continues for Anser students as they work to meet the needs of the community through service. All Junior High students are expected to perform 20 hours of service each year. And although students are responsible for identifying their own service opportunities, Anser also provides support and works with community partners to develop service opportunities for Anser Junior High students.