Annual Spring Celebration

23rd Annual Spring Celebration and Auction


Anser’s Spring Celebration was a tremendous success! Together we met Anser’s fundraising goal and had a wonderful chance to spend time together- in person- without masks!  This year’s event would not have been such a success without the support of our many donors, bidders, sponsors, and volunteers.

Please join us in thanking the following people for their volunteer efforts in making the event a success:  Darcy Maupin, Hannah Newbill, Lindsay Biedel, Natalie Keffer, AnnMarie Johnson, Jennifer Cozine, Alissa Lauer, Paola Cooper, Meg, Tim & Alex Tyree, Sarah and Ryan Butler, Colleen Moulton, Misty Kriesler, Kim Conner, Andrea Morris, Mishi Stirling, Amanda Stewart, Sue Omel, Elizabeth Bisgard, Caitlin Robinson, America & Wayne Yorita-Carrion, Jennifer Tatsumi and Amy Holmes.

Please also join us in thanking Anser staff  Anne Moore, Amanda Neill, Maura Romano, Tiffany Keeley, Stacie Knudsen  and Kelli Ott for their support of the celebration. Thank you also to our teachers, Morgan, JJ, Jess, Marissa, Julie, Jessie, Laura, Kelly, Nicole, Nancy, Katie, Heather K, Heather B, Abby, Pete, Becky, and Sarah for donating their awesome Teacher Times!

A huge thanks  to our many Anser parents who stepped up to host a Community Experience! These events are not only fun, they build the friendships and connections we need to have a strong community. AnnMarie and Zeke Johnson, Shane and Hannah Newbill, Brett and Natalie Keffer, Nova and Joey Burns, Brian and Stacey Nolan, Brandon and Mishi Stirling, Jared Potts and Holly Funk, Clay and Josie Erskine of Peaceful Belly Farms, Maura Romano, Amanda Neill, Lindsay Biedel, Jennifer Tigli-Northness, Jo Burgoon, Anna Boyd, Darcy Maupin, Emily Nielsen, and Dr. Nicole Pierce.

Thank you to our sponsors! These local businesses and Anser community members donated the funds to not only cover the expense of hosting the celebration, but helped us meet our financial goals as well. Also, thank you to the numerous local businesses and families that donated items to our silent auction! AnnMarie & Zeke Johnson, Seth Thomas & Beret Norman, Elizabeth Bisgard & Gabriel Hamilton, Jed & Meghann Splittgerber, Laura & Vic Kadyan, Brett & Michelle Dunstan, Mike & Heather Dennis, Jordan- Wilcomb Construction, Paradigm Owner’s Rep Services, Root Cellar Labs, Protex Pest Control Services, Stack Rock Group, Mai Thai Restaurant, TVR Heating-Cooling-Refrigeration, DeBest Plumbing & Mechanical, Wildflour Cafe, A Succulent Day.

Thank you to our Anser Community Board, whose members donated $10,000 toward the Fill-A-Need campaign to fund using our new Anser buses for fieldwork, adventure, service- the core practices of EL Education that enrich your child’s lives, help them find their passions, and help them serve their community.

This year’s Celebration was planned in the fall and winter, as Covid conditions were extreme. We tried to plan an event that didn’t put the school at risk of  losing the venue and caterer expenses, if Covid resurged.  We also envisioned the excitement of being able to tour families through the expansion project As we look toward next year’s Celebration, we are excited to take the things we have learned from this year’s event and combine them with some of our past traditions to plan an event we hope everyone will enjoy!


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