Anser Charter School

Quotes From Our Alumni

Hear firsthand what our former Anser students are saying about us…

  • If you had it to do over again, would you attend Anser Junior High?
    • “Yes, I actually felt accepted for the first time in a long time.” – Max DeLawyer, Anser Jr. High Graduate
    • “HECK YES! It was one of the best things that happened to me, I had so much fun learning in different ways!” – Angela Franks, Anser Jr. High Graduate
    • “Academically, at Anser, I was pushed to do my best because the teachers knew the full extent of my capabilities…Anser pushed me to really think.“ – Georgia Seyfried, Anser Jr. High Graduate
    • “As a parent, I am glad Anna was well prepared and ready to be an independent learner in 9th grade at North.” – Jan Roser, parent of Anser Graduate
    • “Socially, Anser gives you a self-confidence level, especially when later facing peer pressure. Anser teaches you to be yourself.” – Mallory VanDercar, Anser Jr High Graduate
    • “I would do it over again without ever thinking twice. I had the best times of my life at school (ropes course, camping, Malheur). I learned so much between Know Your Teen Self & the personal creed project that I couldn’t have found anywhere else.” – Megan Lundquist, Anser Jr. High Graduate
  • What we heard from our Anser sixth through eighth grade students:
    • “When I moved to this school my life was changed.” – Carter Reames, Anser 6th grader
    • “What makes Anser fun is that we go on a lot of field work and study nature. We also work to build community which most other schools don’t do.” – Lukas Stogsdill, Anser 6th grader
    • “I think it’s really exciting to go to the ropes course. Not only is it exciting to climb up ropes and ladders, but it is encouraging to hear your classmates cheering for you as do so.” – Katie Allen, Anser 8th grader
    • “I loved it in 4th grade with the pioneering expedition, when we got to go to Oregon and camp out. It was exciting.” – Maia Hetherington, Anser 7th grader
    • “I like the service work. You get a good feeling after doing service work. It’s a great experience for me.” – MacKenzie Bevington, Anser 7th grader
    • “Malheur was really exciting. We go to try new things and go out of town to have an adventure. It was fun to learn in a totally new environment.” – Logan Dennis, Anser 8th grader