Anser Charter School


Family involvement is fundamental to our success. The Anser culture is built on family and community member involvement. We couldn’t operate without the families and individuals who contribute many volunteer hours of direct support for teachers, students and our C3-Creativity, Community, Communication program.

As Anser parents we hope to see you involved in the following:

  • Involvement in Family Council if you have the time and energy – please click here for more details.
  • Spend time in your child’s classroom assisting the teacher with the days activities.
  • Support child and teacher in meeting student academic and character expectations
  • Ensure child’s regular and prompt daily attendance
  • Attend Goal Setting Conferences during the scheduled time frame, support child’s follow through on goals
  • Attend Student Led Conferences during December and May, and write a letter to your child after the first conference
  • Write a letter to your child’s teacher at the end of the year providing feedback to the teacher
  • Attend unscheduled conferences throughout the year when requested by a teacher
  • Initiate a conference with your child’s teacher or the Education Director/Principal when there is a concern
  • Support your child in homework and project activities, helping her/him to meet timelines
  • Read weekly classroom newsletters and the Anser Flight Plan and be responsive to its contents and requests
  • Volunteer as appropriate to your family situation
  • Share ideas and opportunities on making improvements at Anser ongoing