Anser Charter School


The importance of a connection to the community and the opportunity to learn by doing that is a hallmark of Anser’s CBC program for elementary students grades K-5 and is also the basis for the 6th grade and Junior High electives program.

Electives occur each Thursday afternoon, allowing our students to explore a variety of classes in the visual arts, music, athletics, performing arts, cooking, STEM and more. At the beginning of each year, students are surveyed regarding their interests for elective opportunities. Elective choices are then developed and community experts are contracted to teach the classes. Most classes stay on campus, but some travel off site to take advantage of the many cultural and natural settings Boise has to offer.

Parent volunteers are critical to the success of electives and chaperones are needed each week. Chaperoning for electives is a great way to get to know your child’s friends and fellow Anser parents. Parent chaperones accompany all electives and are often invaluable to  instructors as an extra pair of adult hands and eyes. Parents can sign up to chaperones as often as their schedule allows. Students whose parents chaperone for 6 or more weeks are guaranteed a spot in their first choice elective. This allows a parent a chance to spend time with their child and be a part of their school life  and provides the electives program consistency in adult volunteers. Parent chaperones are a support to our elective’s instructors. They do not teach the class, though they sometimes may be asked to pitch in during class time. Each instructor may use parent volunteers in a different capacity. Often a chaperone’s primary job is to help monitor students and make sure that ANSER behavior and character expectations are met.

Why We Do It!

Connecting and learning through our Boise community provides students with many opportunities for growth. In Electives students are given the opportunity to directly connect with local organizations in many capacities. They learn about the roles, responsibilities and efforts of community members as well as their own. The involvement of parents gives opportunities to share interest and talents through volunteering and to participate in the learning experience of their child. Opportunities for service learning empowers students and parents.

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines-science, technology, engineering, and mathematics-in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.  Rather that teach the four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.  According to the United States has historically been the leader in these fields, however fewer students have been focusing on these topics recently.  Anser is dedicated to being a leader in education, so we are providing STEM education opportunities for all grades K-8, starting this year!

Providing experiences and formal instruction in the disciplines of visual arts, dance, music and theatre is integral to development. Sensory, attentional, cognitive, emotional, and motor capacities are all systems that are nourished by the arts. It promotes self-esteem, motivation, aesthetic awareness, cultural exposure, creativity, and improved emotional expression, as well as social harmony and appreciation of diversity. We are working hard to create a unique program that works towards building a foundation in students for success.

If you are interested in volunteering for Electives as a parent, or as a community partner please contact Dani Zepplin at