Anser Charter School

Junior High Electives

The importance of a connection to the community and the opportunity to learn by doing that is a hallmark of Anser’s CBC program for elementary students is also the basis for the Junior High electives program. 

Service-Learning and the Elective Connection

ANSER Junior High Service-Learning Program is a way to strengthen our students through acts of service to others. Students are asked to devote 17 hours of their own time throughout the year to service.  Students will work collaboratively together with peers in learning the skills and attitude needed to serve others.  A Service-Learning Handbook will be done this year through an online portal called Edmodo.  Students will log their hours, turn in reflections and participate in  guided discussions with their peers regarding their service experience.  Parents will be asked to commit to supporting their young person in the endeavor to serve  others.

Junior High electives occur each Thursday afternoon, allowing our junior high students to explore a variety of classes in the Arts, Music, Athletics, Cooking, Computer Science and more. At the beginning of each year, JH students are surveyed regarding their interests for elective opportunities. Elective choices are then developed and community experts are contracted to teach the classes. Most classes stay on campus, but some travel off site to take advantage of the many cultural and natural settings Boise has to offer.

Parent volunteers are critical to the success of electives, as chaperones are needed each week. Chaperoning for electives is a great way to get to know your child’s friends and fellow Anser parents. When your student registers for electives, they will receive a registration form that describes the electives that are offered for that session. They will rank the electives one through four (depending on how many electives are being offered).  Students should assign one to the elective they most desire and four to their last choice.  Most of our students end up in their first or second choice, though occasionally we have students in classes that were last on their list. While this is disappointing, most students are great examples of character and integrity and make the best of the situation. Some even uncover interests they didn’t know they had.  **Students whose parents chaperone for 6 or more weeks of electives are guaranteed a spot in that elective.

Parent chaperones accompany all electives and are often invaluable to  instructors as an extra pair of adult hands and eyes. Parents can sign up to chaperones as often as their schedule allows. As previously mentioned, a  student is guaranteed a spot in their first choice elective if their parent agrees to chaperone that elective for at least 6 weeks. This allows a parent a chance to spend time with their child and be a part of their school life  and provides the electives program consistency in adult volunteers. Parent chaperones are secondary to our elective’s instructors. They do not teach the class, though they sometimes may be asked to pitch in during class time. Each instructor may use parent volunteers in a different capacity. Often a chaperone’s primary job is to help monitor students and make sure that ANSER behavior and character expectations are met. Parents can sign up to chaperone by contacting the elective  coordinator.

If you are interested in volunteering for Electives as a parent, or as a community partner please contact us. Also, please click here for our JH Elective Courses, JH Elective Volunteer Needs or JH Elective Forms.