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Exemplary Work

Each classroom at Anser nurtures a culture of reflection, revision and quality. This journey toward continuous improvement expects that students will work hard until they have achieved high quality work products, no matter how much time and effort this may require. Through this process of revision students learn that they are capable of amazing things when they set a goal, work collaboratively with their peers and take pride in the work they produce. Take a look at some examples of the great work our students do at Anser.

 Middle Childhood Boise River Animal Drawings

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Mar 15

Early Childhood Community Pictures Inspired by the book, The Oxcart Man by Donald Hall, Early Childhood students created a paper collage to represent their own village scene.  They learned about depth and perspective and used different colors and layers to create a sense of depth with their hills.  They made the houses in the background […]


Nov 17

Upper Childhood’s ” I Am” Poem

Upper Childhood’s ” I Am” Poem

The “I Am” poem is a tradition in Upper Childhood. Check out the process and two poems from our 5th and 6th grade students.