Anser Charter School

CBC-Community Based Curriculum

What is CBC?

CBC is a unique Anser program dedicated to service learning, exploring new ideas, nurturing creativity, building confidence, connecting to and through our community and cultivating stewardship of our natural world.  The program builds a foundation for confident creative thinkers. Children have the opportunity to participate in sessions based in STEM Education, Visual Arts, Adventure, Performing Arts, Service and Community.

Each week all Anser students in K through 5th grade leave their classrooms to explore new learning opportunities. Some go to the Visual Arts Studio and some to the STEM lab. Others leave campus for experiences with community partners and some participate in fun activities lead by parents or community members on campus. As children get older they have more opportunity for choice in what modules peak their interest.  Activities related to the Arts, Music, Science, Athletics, Service and more are offered as a “module”, or 5-8 week course. Each module is coordinated by a Visual Arts teacher, STEM teacher, community partner or an Anser parent with talents to share.


Why We Do It!

Connecting and learning through our Boise community provides students with many opportunities for growth. In CBC students are given the opportunity to directly connect with local organizations in many capacities. They learn about the roles, responsibilities and efforts of community members as well as their own. The involvement of parents gives opportunities to share interest and talents through volunteering and to participate in the learning experience of their child. Opportunities for service learning empowers students and parents.

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines-science, technology, engineering, and mathematics-in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.  Rather that teach the four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.  According to the United States has historically been the leader in these fields, however fewer students have been focusing on these topics recently.  Anser is dedicated to being a leader in education, so we are providing STEM education opportunities for all grades K-8, starting this year!

Providing experiences and formal instruction in the disciplines of visual arts, dance, music and theatre is integral to development. Sensory, attentional, cognitive, emotional, and motor capacities are all systems that are nourished by the arts. It promotes self-esteem, motivation, aesthetic awareness, cultural exposure, creativity, and improved emotional expression, as well as social harmony and appreciation of diversity. We are working hard to create a unique program that works towards building a foundation in students for success.

 Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is critical to the success of Anser’s CBC program. Module coordinators, volunteers and drivers are needed each week to facilitate our student’s exploration of activities.  CBC is a great way for parents to get involved with the school, meet other Anser parents and get to know their children’s friends.   At the beginning of each session, module description packets and registration forms are sent out to students in grades 4/5. The students in then indicate their module choices on their registration form, numbering them in order of preference. A lottery is then held to place students in modules.

Most modules are planned and outlined and simply need a willing parent to actually implement the module. A parent who volunteers to be a Module Coordinator is responsible for the module and the students in that module for one 4-6 week session and would be working directly with Denice Mcphillips the Community Coordinator. A training workshop is held prior to each session.

CBC at Anser is a whole-school community endeavor.   We rely heavily on the input of our parents through the CBC/Electives Committee and through module ideas developed by our parent community.

We have listed all session dates and times for those who are interested in driving and volunteering for sessions as we felt it would help as you plan your fall and spring activities.   All session dates and more important information is included in our summer newsletter.  Please click the link below to read about the details and our staff.


Contact us today and  jump into the fun of expeditionary learning with your child through our unique program!

Our staff work together to lead this unique program. If you are interested in coordinating a module with CBC as a parent, or as a community partner contact Denice McPhillips at If you are interested in volunteering in the Visual Arts Classroom or the STEM Lab contact those teachers directly. We will all be reaching out to you too! :)

As part of CBC Anser’s STEM Elective created a website. Check it out here!