Anser Charter School

Structure Background

Anser utilizes multiage classrooms where children of different ages and abilities work and learn together. At Anser the groupings include: Grades 1-2 or Early Childhood (EC); Grades 3-4 or Middle Childhood (MC); Grades 5-6 or Upper Childhood (UC); and Grades 7-8 or Junior High. Only Kindergarten students are not assigned to a multiage classroom. The multiage classroom features an integrated curriculum, developmentally appropriate instructional practices, and individualized instruction.

The multiage classroom might be compared to that of a family unit; one that lives and learns together over an extended period of time. In a multiage setting students stay with the same teacher for more than one year allowing time to foster trusting relationships with teachers and peers. Like a family, the multiage classroom is comprised of differing age groups who work and play together, as well as learn from and with one another. Both settings represent a multitude of abilities, gifts and talents, as well as different ways of coming to know something. In health settings, this diversity is recognized and celebrated with both groupings.