Anser Charter School

Exceptional Child Services

Exceptional Child Services Role:

Anser Exceptional Child Services has the privilege of working with all Anser students. Our roles include but are not limited to the:

  • Collection, coordination and dissemination of student assessment progress and strategic monitoring data
  • 504 plan development, implementation and management
  • Early intervention plans and programs
  • Crisis intervention
  • GATE testing coordination
  • Special Education services
  • Student and parent information and resources for the school and community

Exceptional Child Services Philosophy

Exceptional Child Services supports (ECS) Anser General Education Teachers who by the very nature of the way they teach utilize best practices to differentiate, scaffold, modify, and make need based accommodations available to all students. ECS also provides supplemental instruction and targeted small group instruction when an intervention or additional support is in the child’s best interest.

The Anser Charter School ECS Crew collaborates with Boise School District staff, Anser general education teachers, students and parents to provide a student centered continuum of service. We all work together to evaluate formal and informal student assessment (IRI, ISAT, CBM, AIMS, etc) results, in conjunction with other known information, to develop and implement individually designed programs to help the students meet their classroom, academic and character goals, and/ or Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals and objectives.

Exceptional Child Services Crew:

The Exceptional Child Services Crew has two  full-time special education teachers who also serve as program director, two part-time special education teachers and five (5) paraeducators. The paraeducators have breadth of education and experience to include but not limited to three certified teachers. Our Student Support Specialist (Behavior Interventionist) is pursuing her Master’s in counseling at NNU, our math paraprofessional has completed her studies as a math teacher and our AIMS and reading coordinator is a certified elementary educator. In addition, we work with a team from the Boise School Direct to include a part-time school psychologist, two part-time speech and language pathologists and a part time occupational therapist.

Universal Supports and Formal & Informal Services may include but are not limited to:

  • Study Skills (Upper Childhood and Junior High)
  • Homework Club (Upper Childhood and Junior High)
  • Homework Web Site (Upper Childhood and Junior High)
  • Small group literacy instruction
  • Math Explorations, small group math instruction
  • Intensive instruction math, reading, spelling and communication groups
  • Workshops to include: Camp Organization and Noteworthy Note taking
  • Parent and student resource library & school and community based resource development