Anser Charter School

Medical Needs

Anser does not have a nurse on staff.  The first-aid care the school can provide is very limited.  If a child is hurt of complains of illness, the teacher will send the child to the office.  Simple cuts or bruises will be treated by applying a bandage or ice to the injury.  We are unable to administer more serious medical treatment.  The office will call the parent in the event of a more serious injury or illness.  The child will be kept in the office until the parent arrives to pick up their child.  It is essential that the school have up-to-date contact information for each parent.  In the event of an emergency, the office will call an ambulance before calling the parents.

Emergency medical forms for each student are on file in the office to guide school officials in the event of an emergency.  Parents should ask to review their child’s medical forms if they have questions or need to make changes.  Student’s medical needs, including those that may arise on school grounds, must be covered by parent’s insurance.