Anser Charter School


There are numerous Board committees and Family Council committees to involve our families either in their area/areas of expertise or tapping into personal passions. We invite you to get involved in any of the following committees.

For more information on any of the committees, please click here.

Here are some examples of the Board committees available:

  • Fundraising – Consists of a group of parents and staff members who develop and implement an annual fundraising plan approved by the board. They make recommendations to the board on fundraising matters. New members are always encouraged to become involved in raising funds to bring new opportunities to Anser. Meets as needed throughout the year.
  • Finance – Meets monthly to review accounting procedures and monitor cash flow projections prior to presentation to the Community Board. Manages the annual Anser budget.
  • Marketing – Responsible for the brand image of Anser including website advertisements, logos and community presence. Also responsible for promoting the annual lottery.
  • Education – Meets as needed to review school-wide educational issues and progress
  • Governance – Ensures the proper policies are in place to satisfy Anser’s federal and state educational requirements
  • Facilities – Develop and maintain the physical structure of our school
  • Family Council – Provides parent input into school policies and development. Conducts activities for parent education and school involvement and links families to activities and volunteer opportunities within the Anser community. Also, provides an impartial voice to staff and the Community Board on issues or concerns parents bring to them.