Anser Charter School

Who We Are

Our Mission: “Educate the whole child in a collaborative learning community where individuals are inspired to be self-motivated and to feel a sense of connection and responsibility to the world.”

Anser is a public charter school located in Garden City, Idaho, chartered by the Boise School District. Anser Charter School offers an inspiring and challenging educational environment for elementary and junior high children. Through our unique curriculum, learning approaches and commitment to the community, Anser students are:

  • More engaged in school
  • Eager and motivated to learn
  • Able to flourish academically and personally

Through academic achievement, character growth and confidence, Anser students can embark on life adventures with a greater sense of who they are and what they want out of life.

Anser’s unique approach to learning has three primary focuses.

Expeditions – Anser motivates and engages students by providing a real-world learning experience in and outside the classroom. Our Expeditionary Learning approach is a framework for engaged teaching and learning, challenging students to think creatively and take an active role in the classroom and beyond.

Community – Anser consistently encourages a connection to the community and among one another. We support students by fostering a collaborative and cooperative learning environment, one which connects teachers, family and the community – working together for the benefit of all.

Service – Anser teaches students to serve others at school, at home and in the community. Students discover a deeper sense of who they are by giving back, mentoring fellow students and helping others.

Anser’s teachers and staff, supported by parents and community, are committed to the following:

  • Foster a learning approach that imagines a better world while actively working toward it
  • Promote autonomy, creativity and the ability to collaborate within each student
  • Embrace the diversity that surrounds us
  • Growth through discovery, reflection and balance
  • Use of developmentally appropriate practices and real-world experiences to educate

Watch a video about Anser here!